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What is a Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan?

 This document will be a master plan for North Strabane’s park system and will assess and evaluate all assets pertaining to parks, greenways, trails, and other natural amenities in the community. While not a legally binding document, it will guide the future of parks and recreation of the Township for the next 5 to 10 years.

Why the Update?

Since our last park plan, many things have changed, and we need a new plan to reflect and address those changes. Areas of focus might include health and wellness, shifting demographics, inclusivity and equity, natural resource protection, updated recreation programs, and technological updates. We will also ponder questions about upgrading or adding amenities to parks, incorporating more land into the parks system, and how to design both the parks and the recreation programs to best serve the current North Strabane community.

The Mission of North Strabane Township’s Parks and Recreation Department is:

To enhance the quality-of-life, year-round, for all ages and abilities by providing safe, sustainable places and activities to engage the community in play, celebration and recreation while honoring the local heritage while moving forward.

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About the Team

Pashek+MTR is a leading, local landscape architecture and community planning firm committed to improving our environment. We care about the people we touch with our projects. We take pride in listening and being responsive to our clients’ needs by developing innovative and realistic solutions that meet or exceed their expectations of quality and service.

Our team on this project is led by Heather Cuyler, Recreation Planner for Pashek+MTR. She has over 20 years of experience in the parks and recreation field, with 17 years as a Parks and Recreation Director. She brings a breadth of experience in administration, planning, maintenance, and operations which will make this plan the best it could possibly be.

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